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Friday, November 30, 2007

Small Boat and Canoe Built in the 80's.

This small boat was built in 1984 or so from plans (Martha's Tender) published in WoodenBoat. It was built using 1/2" exterior BC plywood. The seats, knees, rub rails, stem, and other miscellaneous parts were from red oak. The hull was covered with fiberglass cloth and resin. I was able to slide it in the bed of a full size pickup and used it in local lakes.

The canoe was built in 1986. I used western red cedar 1/4"x3/4" strips for the hull and then covered it with fiberglass cloth inside and out. The seats were made using red oak and plastic webbing weaved into the chair cane pattern. I do not recommend the plastic webbing, it stretches after a while of sitting. The gunnels were made from clear red fir. I still have this canoe and use it occasionally.


Keith & Angie said...

I have seen the canoe but not the boat. What happened to it?

Love You Daddy

Fred Feaster said...

Angie, I sold the boat before I started making canoes. The canoe in the picture was the second one I built, the first I sold as well. You were a tiny tot at the time and would not remember!

Fred Feaster said...

Angela, I sold it to make room for canoe building under the carport in the house we lived in at the time!