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Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Hello all,I am headed to Appalacicola FL this weekend for seafood and the ambiance of being near the ocean or the Gulf that is. My buddy Chuck has a condo there, actually it is on St George Island. It is beautiful there, very limited commercialization other than high end condos (which is way beyond my means - building lots are advertised in the $900,000's). The good thing is that it limits the boom box crowd. There are some really good seafood restaurants there - surprisingly - reasonably priced.

I was there last month for their annual seafood festival. I brought back a pickup load of oyster shells to add to the gravel on my driveway. The flies followed me for the first 75 miles or so. Once I put it on my drive it took about 2 weeks for the fish/salt bouquet to dissipate. Maybe TMI, pardon me if so!

The weekend after Christmas I will be cutting some walnut trees down for a client. I'll take some before and after photos. One tree leans heavily over a creek. It will be challenging - hope I don't get wet! The wood is so beautiful. I will take some close up shots.

I wish you all a safe and merry time over the holidays. Are we getting way too caught up in the Christmas tree sensabilities thing or what? Don't want to get me started on that.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Men at work or play, rather!

These are 12/07 photographs of some poplar logs being cleared for a garden spot in the Whitesville GA area. The tractor is a 1952 Ford (a testament to old is not always bad) and worked well in moving the logs to the mill. You have to look hard but Clinton is in the forefront while Tommy is in the background. Enjoy!

Then and Now!

The first picture was taken in Panama City - I think in 1985 or so. That is Angie in the front and Amy hugging me. The second picture of us (Amy,Angie,Fred) was taken in WV in July 2007. Its amazing how the girls only get better looking and we men just get old. Enjoy!