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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April 2011 Chattanooga Trip to Visit Daughter Amy

I visited my daughter Amy in Chattanooga for a fun filled weekend. I was exhausted afterwards. Got there around 10 on Saturday morning.

First thing we did was take an excursion train ride on a steam engine http://www.tvrail.com/ . We got to see some scenic views and - for me the most interesting part was watching the engine turned on the roundtable. The roundtable is so balanced that when the engine and tender is centered, one man could actually rotate the table. Also had to take a picture of a Southern engine - I was a Southern Conductor/Brakeman for a while years back.

Next thing we did was get a pedicure, yes, I got
one too. Apparently it is OK for men nowadays.

There was a male bodybuilder getting one as well so I did not feel too bad, plus I was out of town so no one I knew would have seen me anyways.

After that we went to the annual Corn Bread Festival in Pittsburg, TN to enjoy the crafts and of course cornbread and pinto beans, check it out http://www.nationalcornbread.com/ .

By the time we got back to Chattanooga we were hungry (at least I was) so we stopped at the local Five Guys http://www.fiveguys.com/ for burger. A suggestion here - one order of frys is enough for 2 - 4 hungry eaters. Wish we had a franchise in my area.

We then rested for 5 minutes, changed, then went
to a Chattanooga Lookouts game. The highlight of
the game besides the actual game was a performer
named The Amazing Christopher who performed a Village People take off using life size puppets. I could not do him justice by explaining so search for him on the Internet!

That was Saturday, are you tired yet, I was and am!

Sunday morning we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for my favorite coffee which Starbucks cannot touch.

Then off to downtown for a ride on a Duck http://www.chattanoogaducks.com/ on the Tennessee River. The driver gave a very informative
commentary about the river and its history in
addition to the development of the Duck which
is a WWII deuce and a half truck converted to a
dual purpose freight hauler (by land and sea).
This is a trip every one should take when visiting Chatta.

We then went to Chattanooga's Market http://www.chattanoogamarket.com/ , another treat special to the area. They hold the market every Sunday in a pavilion downtown. There are all kinds of fresh local grown produce, local artists, crafts people, food vendors, plant/tree vendors, bakers, in addition to a musical performer. We got some German bread, brochens, and I got 4 Dahlia tubers, and hey they are doing well.

After that we stopped for Mexican food at Taco Max I think the name was. Amy had to work that evening so she caught a nap while I headed back to GA to check on the chickens. Had a great time. I am very fortunate in that both my daughters enjoy (I hope) hanging out with me.

Comments are always welcome, thanks!

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them, enjoy!

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