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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Angela's Firewood Rack

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them, you will be pleased you did, the definition is so much better, thanks!

Angie wanted me to build her a firewood rack for her Christmas gift - it took a couple of weekends to build it. Of course she had to keep after me to get started on it so I would not procrastinate until after Christmas. I fooled her - I got it finished almost 2 months early. The rack is about 10 foot long, 2 foot deep, and 6 foot tall.

But the cool thing is that the majority of the wood used in the rack came from a tree I cut down off their place in January of this year. Sooo, she can now point to the stump and say the tree that used to be there provided the wood for the firewood rack.

One of the pictures is of the rack loaded on a trailer and the other is the rack in place loaded with firewood. Angie says her outdoor cat sleeps wedged under the roof.

I'm wondering what Amy wants me to build. I told my daughters cookies work fine for me as gifts - I prefer making gifts rather than caving into most of society's commercialism of the holidays.

That's it for now folks, smooth sailing for all.


Anonymous said...

Well let me think about what I want you to build me for Christmas.
I need a bookcase, a butcher's block for my kitchen, a dining room table with chairs to match, should I go on.....I would love anything you built me because it would be done "right"...Just kidding but the Firewood Rack is super nice....take care, Sherry

Kit said...

I love this thing. I am a novice with tools but I might have to give it a whirl.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog, Fred....and Angie's also. You make me want to start one.....when I catch up on other things and have more time. Uuuhhh....that sounds like never huh?

Keep up the great work.....and remember I still want a famous Fred Feaster bowl when you get around to it!!

~~Jan (I don't have an account.)

Anonymous said...

Did you download your Bamboo bowls? We would love to see them. Ellen

Anonymous said...

Oh wooden shoe, wooden shoe. Wouldn't you like to make a wooden shoe?

Please build for me a wooden shoe.
Big enough to plant my favorite flowers
For a friendship to grow for many hours.
Now that wood be good. So build like you should,
For others and not for self.
Useful with beauty, not stored on the shelf.
Now that would be good.

T.S. in Central Fl.

Fred Feaster said...

Thanks all for the comments.