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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Toy

Hello all, its been a while since I've added anything. So here goes. As you can see my new toy is the John Deere 3203 tractor with a front end loader. I also got a set of pallet forks to move logs and lumber with. The dealer delivered it Friday 3/14/08. I spent all weekend moving sand/dirt from my creek bottom to level spots in the yard and fill in a flower bed. Last night I moved logs with the pallet forks until after dark. It is truly something I should have gotten a long time ago - maybe it would have lessened some of my back issues.
Saturday, a customer will be delivering pine and red oak logs to be sawed. I will post some pictures of the tractor in action moving the logs and lumber soon.
On another note, a former colleague/good friend - Leonard and his wife Betty visited about a month ago on their way home from Atlanta. Leonard and I worked together for the federal government and then later for a CPA/consulting firm. It was good to share old memories and reestablish our friendship.
Just finished a good read, David Baldacci's "The Camel Club." Like all good books, it causes you to imagine how his story is really possible, especially knowing what I know (based on my 20 years of government exposure) about how certain government officials can and do abuse their positions. Enough!
A couple of friends and I are going to start an informal interactive group, we decided to name it the Creek Social Club based on the core members either live or have property along Mountain Oak Creek. Our meetings will be directed towards exchanging ideas and experiences related to our past careers and current interests. The Camel Club inspired us. Of course we will not be able to impact the nation as Oliver and the rest of the Camel Club members did. I will keep you posted and of course will add our world and local society saving ideas
Well, I am off to play with the green machine. As always your comments and responses are always welcome. Later, Fred

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